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Day Drinking in Music City

Best Bloody Marys in Nashville

If you visit Nashville, you will be tempted to do some day drinking. In Music City, the music (and drinking) begins at 11 AM every day, in every bar downtown. It’s so easy to get caught up in the festivities and find yourself in your hotel room by 4 PM. Therefore, some light-hearted and helpful tips on day drinking will help you enjoy longer and not miss a beat.

The first tool in surviving day drinking is to pick your poison carefully. While wine is a wonderful libation, drinking chardonnay at noon will almost definitely result in crashing at the Air BNB midday. Likewise, darker liquors and straight shots can produce the same results. Beer is often a safe option for early drinkers. Many women complain that beer makes them feel too full, so they opt for vodka, instead. There are dangers there, as well.

Vodka and clear rum can be consumed safely during the day, as long as the mixes are not sweet. Opting for water or club soda can alleviate an afternoon hangover or indigestion. One of life’s most effective hangover remedies is the Bloody Mary. Nashville bars compete for the best Bloody Mary concoctions, as well as toppings. Some of the toppings equate to a small meal—sliders, shrimp, bacon. Pickled veggies—yum! There is a fine line, however, between nursing a hangover and taking a large step toward a new day of drinking. So don’t let the “hair of the dog” turn into the monkey on your back.

One great tip is to drink one water for every two drinks. Not only are you eliminating about 5 drinks from your day on Broadway, but you are hydrating, as well. One of the primary causes of a hangover headache is dehydration. Many bars in Nashville will not allow you to bring in bottled water (for risk that it could be alcohol) but all are happy to fix you an ice water at no charge. In the Summer months, many bars have water stations set up for self-service. If the bartender is taking the time out to make you an ice water, tipping $.50-$1 is a nice touch.

This is a great day drinking schedule that will allow you to remember all that good Nashville music, enjoy your friends and family, and not require three days to recover once you get home.

Sleep in and head to brunch. Nashville is a popular brunch town. Have one Bloody Mary or Mimosa, unless you still feel hungover. In that case, have a second one. Putting food on your stomach is very important for day drinking. Do not attempt to day drink on an empty stomoch. Once you start feeling like a human being again, switch to beer or cider. Drink no more than 1-2 per hour, consuming 12 oz of water for every 24 oz of beer. Take a break for a late lunch. Drink tea or water only. Late afternoon, switch back to beer for 2-3 hours, then proceed with your beverage of choice—wine, whiskey, etc. If you encounter a Bushwacker machine during your honkytonking, only drink one. One lady drank three in an hour and had to spend the rest of her trip in her hotel room!

Another way to last all day and night, is to do a little dancing to the bands. When you are dancing, you are not drinking. And you will want to drink water afterward. Day drinking is an art and a science. Nashville is a day drinking town and the music is even sweeter with a cold one in your hand. Enjoy y’all!

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