Music City Pub Crawl            

Let's Crawl Y'all

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the tour take place?    The pub crawl takes place along historic Second Avenue

What's the cost?  $20 each which includes drink specials, an entertaining guide, stories, games and other surprises.

How do I book? You can book online or call us at (615)345-4458. We accept all major credit cards

How many stops are there?  We stop at 4-5 pubs along the tour, depending on group size and the pace everyone desires.

Do we walk or ride?  We walk (or crawl) between bars.  They are only a short distance apart. And downtown Nashville has a lot of traffic.  We can get to each bar quicker walking, than being in a bus stuck in traffic.

What if it rains?  The tour goes on, rain or shine, because we're outside so little, and our bars are so close together,    Just bring a coat or umbrella if you think you may encounter inclement weather.

What is your cancellation policy? Like all other tours in town, we require payment at booking.  For large groups, we require a $100 deposit/down payment.  When you book a tour, we are saving that spot for you.  If you cancel, we have lost the opportunity to fill that spot.  Therefore, it's not feasible for us to issue refunds for cancellations.unless done 30 days out.  If we have to cancel for weather, or other unforeseen issue, we do issue refunds.  In case of an emergency, we try to place you in another crawl, if there are openings available, but there are no guarantees that we can.

How long does it last?  2 to 3 hours, depending on the group size, day of week

How many people are in the groups?  Ideally, we like at least 8 guests and try not to exceed 20.  Of course, private groups are the exception for this.  We can handle any-sized private group. You don't need 8 in your group, just overall.

Why is the starting location not on the website?  We don't publish our starting location, but we normally start at Buffalo's Bar on 2nd Ave.  Also, publishing a starting location may produce walk-ups.  Although we usually can accommodate a last-minute reservation, we need to have notice of your arrival, so that your guide can prepare.

Will I get a reminder?  We will text you the morning of your tour, along with your tour guide's name.  If you don't like texts, let us know so we can also email or call.  If you don't receive by 9 AM please call us right away. We can only text US and Canada cell numbers.

Can I tip the guide?  Our guides work very hard to ensure an entertaining time, so tips are always appreciated.

What should I bring? Comfortable shoes, a camera for pictures, and money for drinks, tips, I.D. (bars will card). International guests should bring a passport, because some bars don't accept an international DL for proof of age.  We ask that you eat before the pub crawl, especially if you are in a general group.  We are at each bar a short time, so waiting on food may hold up the group.

Is drinking required?  Never, just a party spirit.  Even though this is a pub crawl, the main emphasis is delivering fun stories, and sending you away with a little knowledge of Nashville's colorful past.  We just do it in a relaxing setting.  However, guests need to be over 21.  All guests must bring a valid I.D., regardless of age.

How do I book a private crawl?  For groups with 10+guests. you can book  private crawl with a $100 deposit, which is applied toward the balance that day.  For example, if you have 15 guests you pay $100 down and $200 the day of the crawl.